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MowToW Returns

Admin MowToW

It is official! The guild is still together and we are going to be playing in Cataclysm.

New Applications are not up, but will be in about 2 weeks.

If you wish to inquire for more information, sign up on the forums and post, or Private Message Yamaneko or Nalera.
I do not prefer to answer whispers in game, but will on occasion.

Introducing the All-new MowToW Application Form!


It’s been cooking in the oven for quite some time, but it’s finally here! The new MowToW Application Form allows you to easily submit beautiful applications to our forums, making them much easier to both complete and read! No BBCode required!

Feedback? Criticism? Bugs? Leave a comment!

The Trial of the Grand Crusader

Boss Kills MowToW

…has been defeated by <MowToW>!

Yes, we cleared ICC for the week and decided our boss-killing abilities were best served finally going back and socking it to ol’ Anub. Die, insect!

More ICC hardmodes next week, only a few left…

Happy Belated Birthday MowToW!


Happy Birthday to us! One year since I’ve started this guild and it has come a long way since then. We’ve seen a lot of changes, been through reforms, downs, ups, and all kinds of things guilds go through. Here’s to another year!


Other stuff:

Frog’s New Video of Blood Prince Council.

Also updated the Flash Video Guides with Blood Queen Lana’thel and Sindragosa